Video games: Medieval Archery Simulator coming soon

Video games: Medieval Archery Simulator coming soon

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Image Power has released their first trailer to showcase the upcoming video game, Medieval Archery Simulator.

The game focuses on a realistic use of a bow and arrow in a medieval setting. Promoted as “Sign up for different tournaments, showcase your marksmanship, and challenge the greatest archers the world has ever seen!,” users can now sign up on Steam to add onto their wishlist.

In a promotional press release, the game-makers explain, “shooting a steady target will be the easiest part of the contest; other will require the ability to use your bow in motion, shooting a moving target or even hitting small bells in a rhythmic way. Besides collecting points in the tournament, you will also be able to build your reputation. Leave your opponents far behind and prove that nothing is impossible for you. This will be the only way to spread the word about your accomplishments and make sure people hear about them even before your arrows hit the targets.”

The game aims to offer realism in its game mechanics, including having play influenced by arrow physics, wind, and simulated muscles fatigue. You can learn more about the game on Steam.

Image Power is a Polish-based game developer that is producing several upcoming games, including Creature Lab and Yacht Mechanic Simulator. .



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