Creating Scotland: Assembling a Medieval Kingdom

Creating Scotland: Assembling a Medieval Kingdom

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Creating Scotland: Assembling a Medieval Kingdom

Lecture by Hamish Torrie, Adrian Maldonado and Heather Pulliam

Given at the National Museum Scotland, on October 14, 2019

The medieval kingdom called Scotland was not a predestined or obvious outcome of the politics of the first millennium AD. Even in the twelfth century, Britain north of the Tweed was a patchwork of laws, languages and identities. Do the art and artefacts of the 9-12th century provide a different perspective on the formation of a feudal kingdom? This conversation event discusses the impact of ten years of the Glenmorangie Research Project at National Museums Scotland, and the unique perspective which comes from a focus on the material culture.

Top Image: Hunterston Brooch – photo National Museums Scotland / Wikimedia Commons

Watch the video: England vs Scotland vs Ireland - MEDIEVAL WAR! Minecraft (July 2022).


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