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Chatting with Our Site

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This week, Sandra Alvarez, cofounder of Our Site was back in Toronto, so Danièle sat down with Sandra and Peter Konieczny to talk about how the website got started, and how the field has changed in the decade since.

Sandra Alvarez is the editor of both The Medieval Magazine and Ancient History Magazine.

It’s been now eleven years of Peter and Sandra creating videos of their antics! Check these out:

You can subscribe to The Medieval Podcast via iTunes or our RSS feed – 

The host of The Medieval Podcast is Danièle Cybulskie. or follow her on Twitter @5MinMedievalist

You can pre-order her book Life in Medieval Europe: Fact and Fiction through Amazon.com

Top Image: British Library MS Royal 10 E IV fol. 77

Watch the video: Top 5 Online Chat Rooms Without Registration (July 2022).


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