Medieval Magazine: Science and Medicine Special

Medieval Magazine: Science and Medicine Special

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Are you interested in science and medicine in the Middle Ages? Try our five-issue theme pack from The Medieval Magazine. For $7.99 (US) get these five digital issues of the magazine:

Issue 40 – Medicine in the Middle Ages

How a 13th century surgeon treated brain injuries, and what Isidore of Seville wrote about medicine in the 7th century

Issue 66 – Medieval Astrology

A 15th century guide to your fortune

Issue 59 – Getting High in the Middle Ages

Looking at the medical and social issues around using hashish in late-medieval Egypt

Issue 80 – Zombies!

The Getty Center Enchants with Alchemy and reconstructing the 6th century plague

Issue 7 – At the Medieval Academy of America

Reports on malaria in the Early Middle Ages and looking at the environmental impact of Holy War in the Baltic

You can buy all five digital issues for $7.99 using PayPal

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