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Upon completion, a link will appear to access the found materials. is one of several history websites we run – our aim is to preserve and share history. In a time where some see history as irrelevant, and with universities cutting back on their support for historians, we believe that our websites can become the places where people can find out about the fascinating research being done and learn about their past. With some help and encouragement from our readers we can even do more!

In 2013 we had just over 1.4 million people visit Our Site. They came from over 226 countries and territories around the world (including people from Micronesia, Greenland and Eritrea). We have been able to create over 9000 pages of content since we started this website five years ago, and this has allowed our site to be used as an educational resource around the world, allowing for people to access articles, videos and research that are normally out of reach. As well as bringing together the works found on thousands of websites, we report on news related to history, cover conferences and events, and create special features.

By becoming a History Builder, we can afford to report from more conferences, and make technical improvements to the website. The easiest way is to donate using Paypal.

We also have set up a voluntary pledge of $10 or $20 a month allows you to strengthen and maintain a great online resource for people who love history.

Watch the video: Clash of Clans: Come Back Builder! (July 2022).


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