The mandrake plant and its legend: a new perspective

The mandrake plant and its legend: a new perspective

The mandrake plant and its legend: a new perspective

Van Arsdall, Anne, Helmut W. Klug, and Paul Blanz

Old Names – New Growth: Proceedings of the 2nd ASPNS Conference, University of Graz, Austria, 6-10 June 2007, and Related Essays. Eds. Peter Bierbaumer and Helmut W. Klug. Frankfurt/Main: Lang, (2009)


Whereas the first symposium of the ASPNS included examples of research from many disciplines such as landscape history, place-name studies, botany, art history, the history of food and medicine and linguistic approaches, the second symposium had a slightly dierent focus because in the year 2006 I had, together with my colleague Hans Sauer, started the project ‘Digital and Printed Dictionary of Old English Plant-Names’. Therefore we wanted to concentrate on aspects relevant to the project, i.e. mainly on lexicographic and linguistic matters.

Together with conferences held more or less simultaneously to mark the occasion of the 300th anniversary of Linnaeus’ birthday in Sweden, this resulted in fewer contributors than at the “rst symposium. As a consequence the present volume in its second part also contains three contributions which are related to the topic but were not presented at the conference: the semantic study by Ulrike Krischke, the interdisciplinary article on the mandragora (Anne Van Arsdall/Helmut W. Klug/Paul Blanz) and – for ‘nostalgic’ reasons – a translation of my first article (published in 1973) on the Old English plant-name fornetes folm.

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