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B Class Destroyers (1912)
B1M, Mitsubishi
B2M, Mitsubishi
B4M1 Experimental 9-Shi Carrier Attack Aircraft, Mitsubishi
B5M 'Kate', Mitsubishi
B5N 'Kate', Nakajima
B6N Tenzan (Heavenly Mountain) 'Jill', Nakajima
B-3A Panther, Keystone
B-4A Panther, Keystone
B-5A Panther, Keystone
B-6A Panther, Keystone
B-17 Flying Fortress, Boeing
B-18 Bolo, Douglas
B-24 Liberator, Consolidated
B-25 Mitchell, North American
B-26 Marauder, Martin
B-29 Superfortress, Boeing
B-34 (Ventura), Lockheed
B-37 (Ventura), Lockheed
Babbitt, USS (DD-128)
Badger, USS (DD-126)
Baffin, Blackburn
Bagley, USS/ USS Doran (DD-185)/ HMS St. Marys
Bailey, USS (DD-269 )/ HMS Reading
Bainbridge Class Destroyers
Bainbridge, USS (DD-1)
Bainbridge, USS (DD-246)
Baker Rifle
Balch, USS (DD-50)
Ballard, USS (DD-267/ AVD-10)
Baltimore Class Heavy Cruisers
Baltimore, Martin
Baltimore, USS (CA-68)
Bancroft, USS (DD-256 )/ HMCS St. Francis
Bangalore Torpedo
Barham, HMS
Barker, USS (DD-213)
Barney, USS (DD-149)
Baron Mine-Clearing Vehicle
Barracuda, Fairey
Barry, USS (DD-2)
Barry, USS (DD-248/ APD-29)
Basilisk, HMS (1910)
Bat, HMS (1896)
Bath, HMS/ USS Hopewell (DD-181)
Battle, Fairey
Battler, HMS
Battleship Classes, British, First World War
Battleship Classes, German, First World War
Bavarian Army, Napoleonic Wars
Bayern class battleships
B.E.1, Royal Aircraft Factory
B.E.2, Royal Aircraft Factory
B.E.2a, Royal Aircraft Factory
B.E.2b, Royal Aircraft Factory
B.E.2c, Royal Aircraft Factory
B.E.2d, Royal Aircraft Factory
B.E.2e, Royal Aircraft Factory
B.E.2f, Royal Aircraft Factory
B.E.2g, Royal Aircraft Factory
B.E.2/ B.E.12 Squadrons
B.E.3, Royal Aircraft Factory
B.E.4, Royal Aircraft Factory
B.E.5, Royal Aircraft Factory
B.E.6, Royal Aircraft Factory
B.E.7, Royal Aircraft Factory
B.E.8, Royal Aircraft Factory
B.E.8a, Royal Aircraft Factory
B.E.9, Royal Aircraft Factory
B.E.10, Royal Aircraft Factory
B.E.12, Royal Aircraft Factory
B.E.12a, Royal Aircraft Factory
B.E.12b, Royal Aircraft Factory
Beagle Class Destroyers/ G Class Destroyer (1909)
Beagle, HMS (1909)
Beale, USS (DD-40)
Beechcraft L-23/ U-8 Seminole
Begum, HMS
Belknap, USS (DD-251/ AVD-8/ APD-34 )
Bellerophon class battleships
Bellona HMS
Bell FM-1 Airacuda
Bell L-39
Bell Model 65 ATV
Bell P-39 Airacobra
Bell P-59A Airacomet
Bell P-63 Kingcobra
Bell, USS (DD-95)
Bell X-1
Bell X-2
Bell X-5
Bell X-14
Bell X-22
Bell XP-52 (Model 16)
Bell XP-59 (Model 16)
Bell XP-77
Bell XV-3
Bell XV-15
Bellanca O-50
Belmont, HMS/ USS Satterlee (DD-190)
Benham, USS (DD-49)
Bergepanzer Tiger (P)
Bernadou, USS (DD-153)
Beta-Gerät / 30.5cm Mortar L/8
Beta-Gerät 09/ 30.5cm schwerer Küstenmörser 09
Beverley, HMS/ USS Branch (DD-197)
Biddle, USS (DD-151/ AG-114)
'Big Bertha'/ 42cm kurze Marinekanone 14 L/12 in Räderlafette M-Gerät
Billingsley, USS (DD-293)
Biloxi, USS (CL-80)
Birkenhead class light cruisers
Birkenhead, HMS
Birmingham class light cruisers
Birmingham, HMS
Birmingham, USS (CL-62)
Bishop, Carrier, Valentine, 25pdr gun
Blackbird, Lockheed SR-71
Blackburn Baffin
Blackburn Botha
Blackburn Dart
Blackburn Firebrand
Blackburn Ripon
Blackburn Roc
Blackburn Shark
Blackburn Skua
Blackburn Swift
Blackburn Velos
Black Prince HMS
Black Prince Infantry Tank (A43)
Black Widow. Northrop P-61
Blakeley, USS (DD-150)
Blanche HMS
Bloch MB.200
Bloch MB.210 BN5 (Five-Seat Night Bomber)
Bloch MB.211 BN4 (Four-Seat Night Bomber)
Bloch MB.212
Blohm und Voss Bv 138
Blohm und Voss Bv 139
Blohm und Voss Bv 141
Blohm und Voss Bv 142
Blohm und Voss Bv 222
Blohm und Voss Bv 237
Blonde class scout cruisers
Blonde HMS
Blücher, SMS
BMP-1 Infantry Fighting Vehicle (Russia)
BMP-2 Infantry Fighting Vehicle (Russia)
BMP-3 Infantry Fighting Vehicle (Russia)
Boadicea class scout cruisers
Boadicea HMS
Boeing AT-3
Boeing AT-15 Crewmaster
Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress
Boeing B-29 Superfortress
Boeing C-73
Boeing C-75 Stratoliner (Model 307)
Boeing FB
Boeing F2B
Boeing F3B (Model 77)
Boeing F4B
Boeing L-15 Scout
Boeing Model 76
Boeing NB (Model 21)
Boeing P-12
Boeing P-26
Boeing PW-9
Boeing XB-15
Boeing XF5B-1 (Model 205)
Boeing XF6B/ XBFB (Model 236)
Boeing XF7B
Boeing XF8B
Boeing XN2B-1 (Model 81)
Boeing XP-4 (Model 58)
Boeing XP-7 (Model 93)
Boeing XP-8 (Model 66)
Boeing XP-9
Boeing XP-15 (Model 202)
Boeing XP-32 (Model 278A)
Boeing Y1B-9A
Boeing Y1C-18
Boeing YP-29 (Model 264)
Boeing-Stearman BT-17
Boeing-Stearman Model 75 Kaydet family
Boeing-Stearman NS
Boeing-Stearman N2S
Boeing-Stearman PT-13
Boeing-Stearman PT-17
Boeing-Stearman PT-18 (Model A75J1)
Boeing-Stearman PT-27 (Model D-75N1)
Boeing/ Stearman XA-21
Boggs, USS, (DD-136/ DMS-3)
Boise, USS (CL-47)
Bombs, terrorist (IED)
Bonetta, HMS (1907)
Borie, USS (DD-215)
Boston, Douglas
Boston, USS (CA-69)
Boulton Paul Defiant
Boulton & Paul P.3 Bobolink
Boulton & Paul P.7 Bourges
Boulton & Paul P.10
Boulton & Paul P.11/ Type XXI
Boulton & Paul P.12 Bodmin
Boulton & Paul P.15 Bolton
Boulton & Paul P.25 Bugle
Boulton & Paul P.27
Boulton & Paul P.29 Sidestrand
Boulton & Paul P.31 Bittern
Boulton & Paul P.32
Boulton & Paul P.33 Partridge
Boulton & Paul P.34
Boulton & Paul P.35
Boulton & Paul P.37 Streamline
Boulton & Paul P.58
Boulton & Paul P.63 Streamline
Boulton & Paul P.66
Boulton & Paul P.67
Boulton & Paul P.69
Boulton & Paul P.70
Boulton Paul P.74
Boulton Paul P.75 Overstrand
Boulton Paul P.79
Boulton Paul P.80 Superstrand
Boulton Paul P.85
Boulton Paul P.88
Boulton Paul P.89
Boulton Paul P.90
Boulton Paul P.91
Boulton Paul P.92
Boulton Paul P.94
Boulton Paul P.95
Boulton Paul P.96
Boulton Paul P.97
Boulton Paul P.98
Boulton Paul P.99
Boulton Paul P.100
Boulton Paul P.101
Boulton Paul P.102
Boulton Paul P.103
Boulton Paul P.104
Boulton Paul P.105
Boulton Paul P.106
Boulton Paul P.107
Boulton Paul P.108 Balliol
Boulton Paul P.109
Boulton Paul P.111
Boulton Paul P.112
Boulton Paul P.115
Boulton Paul P.116
Boulton Paul P.119
Boulton Paul P.120
Boulton Paul P.121
Boulton Paul P.122
Boulton Paul P.123
Boulton Paul P.124
Boulton Paul P.125
Boulton Paul P.131
Bow, Compound
Boxer, HMS (1894)
Boyne, HMS (1904)
Bradford, HMS/ USS McLanahan (DD-264 )
Branch, USS (DD-197)/ HMS Beverley
Brandenburg class battleships
Braunschweig class
Brazen, HMS (1896)
Breck, USS (DD-283)
Breckinridge, USS (DD-148/ AG-112)
Breese, USS (DD-122/ DM-18)
Breguet 690
Breguet 691 AB2 (Assaut Bombardement - Biplace/ Two-Seat Attack Bomber)
Breguet 692 AB2 (Assaut Bombardement - Biplace/ Two-Seat Attack Bomber)
Breguet 693 AB2 (Assaut Bombardement - Biplace/ Two-Seat Attack Bomber)
Breguet 694
Breguet 695 AB2 (Assaut Bombardement - Biplace/ Two-Seat Attack Bomber)
Breguet 696 B2 (Two-Seat Bomber)
Breguet 697
Breguet 698 Bp2 (Bombardement en piqué - Biplace/ Two-Seat Dive Bomber)
Breguet 699 B2 (Two-Seat Bomber)
Breguet 700 C2 (Heavy Fighter)
Breman class light cruisers
Bremerton, USS (CA-130)
Brewster F2A Buffalo
Brewster Buffalo in British Service
Brighton, HMS/ USS Cowell (DD-167)
Brisbane, HMAS
Brisk, HMS (1910)
Bristol Beaufighter - History
Bristol Beaufighter - Squadrons
Bristol Beaufighter - Variants and Stats
Bristol Beaufort
Bristol Blenheim
Bristol Bombay
Bristol Brigand
Bristol Buckingham
Bristol Buckmaster
Bristol Bulldog
Bristol Class light cruisers
Bristol F-2 Fighter
Bristol, HMS
Bristol (Fairchild) Bolingbroke
British Taylorcraft Auster
Broadwater, HMS/ USS Mason (DD-191)
Broadway, HMS/ USS Hunt (DD-194)
Brooklyn Class Cruisers
Brooklyn, USS (CL-40)
Brooks, USS (DD-232/ APD-10)
Broome, USS (DD-210)
Brown Bess Musket
Browning 0.303in Mark II Machine Gun (R.A.F.)
Browning Automatic Rifle
Bruce, USS (DD-329)
BT-1, Northrop
Buchanan, USS (DD-131)/ HMS Campbeltown
Bücker Bü 131 Jungmann
Bücker Bü 133 Jungmeister
Bücker Bü 134
Bücker Bü 180 Student
Bücker Bü 181 Bestmann
Bücker Bü 182 Kornett (Cornet)
Buffalo, USS (CL-99)
Bulldog, Bristol
Bulldog, HMS (1909)
Bullfinch, HMS (1898)
Bulmer, USS (DD-222)
Bulwark, HMS
Burnham, HMS/ USS Aulick (DD-258)
Burns, USS (DD-171/ DM-11)
Burrows, USS (DD-29)
Burwell, HMS/ UUS Laub (DD-263)
Bush, USS (DD-166)
Bussard class light cruisers
Buxton, HMS/USS Edwards (DD-265)

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