Sonnicant YTB-416 - History

Sonnicant YTB-416 - History

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(YTB-416: dp. 345 (f.), 1. 100'0"; b. 25'0"; dr. 9'7"
s. 12 k. (tl); cl. Sassaba)

Sonnicant (YTB-416), a large harbor tug, was laid down on 20 April 1944 at the Coast Guard Yard Curtis Bay, Md., and placed in service there on 2 February 1945.

In March, she reported for duty in the Pacific at Balboa in the Canal Zone. Although initially assigned to the Service Force, Pacific Fleet, Sonnicant was reassigned to the 14th Naval District on Independence Day 1945. She was stationed at Pearl Harbor until 4 April 1946 when she was transferred to the 19th Fleet for inactivation overhaul. The tug was placed out of service on 14 October and was berthed in the Pacific Reserve Fleet at San Diego on 5 November.

Almost five years later, in June of 1951, Sonnicant was placed back in service at San Diego. Assigned to the 11th Naval District, Sonnicant was redesignated a medium harbor tug, YTM-416, in February 1962. She served at Port Hueneme, Calif., until 1972 when she was again placed out of service. Her name was struck from the Navy list on 1 July 1972, and her hulk was sold to the Cummings Boat Co., Tacoma, Wash., for scrapping.

"Patiently Waiting" - 50 Cent ft. Eminem (Behind-the-Scenes)

incredible video that gives us a rare glimpse into the context behind one of the most iconic rap songs/collaborations of all time.

"50 fear no man, warrior, swing swords like Conan" has to be one of my favorite lines ever, the delivery is so dope

The lines before it too, "Shit I ain't even gotta try to shine God's the seamstress that tailor fitted my pain I got scriptures in my brain I could spit at your dame"

the entire song has too many quotables

I always think he's about to rhyme warrior with Conan the destroyer. I've always wondered why he didn't do that

That Em verse is one of hiphop's finest verses god damn.

they think they're crazy but they ain't crazy

they just playin sick, they ain't shit

A to the K, get in the way, i'll bring dre and them with me

and turn this day into fuckin mayhem, you stayin with me? (DON'T KNOW HOW TO SPELL OUT WHATEVER THAT SOUND EFFECT HE DOES BUT SHIT IS ILL)

you write it out and it's not like it's some prolific songwriting, but i think it's one of the greatest displays of technicality/flow/riding the pocket in hip-hop period. em in his prime was unfuckwittable.

Iɽ pay so much to be at that detroit show. Had to be the most ignant stage ever haha.

LOL same man. ignant in the best way possible though!!

These 3 verse have got to be in my top 10 favorite, but Em's, just. DAMN

Shit man I got goosebumps watching this. Patiently Waiting is a monumental track, and GRODT was the 2nd rap album I bought on CD (it was the equivalent to 1 dollar 75 in the store). I had no clue about rap at the time (this was 2009-2010), so I had no idea what I just picked up. A definitive classic.

I know now that I was mad late on GRODT, I was only 3 when it came out lol, but I get mad nostalgia from it, I basically grew up on this CD. It's still in my top 5 hiphop records of all time, and I bump it all the time. Might just do it now too

Wind River Mountain Range

Needed somewhere to stop for a picnic lunch and break up a long journey in the car.

So glad we took the detour up to the Wind River Range. What a unexpected treat – really quiet with a lovely view across the range. The autumn colours were especially nice.

Seven of the largest glaciers in the Rocky Mountains are found here, including the single largest glacier in the American Rockies. This should tell one that there are lakes and places to hike. Read Joe Kelsey's Climbing and Hiking in the Wind River Mountains, a guidebook, before you hike.

You are able to see most of Wyoming’s mammals , 300 different bird species and many types of fish in this large territory.

You know it’s a great place because the Native American lived there temporarily. Villages as high as 10,000 feet in elevation, dating from 700 to 2000 BC, have recently been studied by archaeologists. These villages were established by the Sheepeater band of Shoshone during pine nut harvesting season.

Geology: The Winds are composed primarily of a granitic rock formed deep under the surface of the Earth, 1,000,000 years ago. Over hundreds of millions of years, rocks that were once covering this granite eroded away. As the land continued to rise during the Laramide orogeny, further erosion occurred until all that remained were the granitic.. The ice ages beginning 500,000 years ago began carving the rocks. The Wind River Range encompasses an area of 2.25 million acres and forms a triple divide for three major western watersheds: the Columbia River, the Colorado River, and the Missouri. You can hike the Continental Trail here it passes through glacier-carved valleys surrounded by high, snow-capped mountain peaks and lush alpine meadows dotted with wildflowers.

Wind River Mountain Range

Needed somewhere to stop for a picnic lunch and break up a long journey in the car.

So glad we took the detour up to the Wind River Range. What a unexpected treat – really quiet with a lovely view across the range. The autumn colours were especially nice.

Seven of the largest glaciers in the Rocky Mountains are found here, including the single largest glacier in the American Rockies. This should tell one that there are lakes and places to hike. Read Joe Kelsey's Climbing and Hiking in the Wind River Mountains, a guidebook, before you hike.

You are able to see most of Wyoming’s mammals , 300 different bird species and many types of fish in this large territory.

You know it’s a great place because the Native American lived there temporarily. Villages as high as 10,000 feet in elevation, dating from 700 to 2000 BC, have recently been studied by archaeologists. These villages were established by the Sheepeater band of Shoshone during pine nut harvesting season.

Geology: The Winds are composed primarily of a granitic rock formed deep under the surface of the Earth, 1,000,000 years ago. Over hundreds of millions of years, rocks that were once covering this granite eroded away. As the land continued to rise during the Laramide orogeny, further erosion occurred until all that remained were the granitic.. The ice ages beginning 500,000 years ago began carving the rocks. The Wind River Range encompasses an area of 2.25 million acres and forms a triple divide for three major western watersheds: the Columbia River, the Colorado River, and the Missouri. You can hike the Continental Trail here it passes through glacier-carved valleys surrounded by high, snow-capped mountain peaks and lush alpine meadows dotted with wildflowers.

Blot Books

Alison is an artist, craftsperson, and parent. She has many years experience working with children in educational and community based projects. She has always been interested in children and art and how the two can be merged. Alison holds a BFA from the University of Guelph.

Sarah is also an artist and parent. Her past and present interests include walking as both method and practice explored through art and geography, and most recently co-working and co-learning with children. She has exhibited and held workshops internationally. Sarah holds a BFA from OCADU and MA Geography from Queen Mary University of London.

Together, Sarah and Alison started MOTHRA, a project for artist-parents and caregivers and their children that comprises of a zine, a social network, and artist residencies. MOTHRA emerged from a group Sarah facilitated in Oxford UK for artist-parents.

This workshop is hosted in collaboration with Critical Distance Centre for Curators.

Critical Distance Centre for Curators is a not-for-profit project space, publisher, and professional network that fosters collaborative and cross-disciplinary practices, underrepresented artists and art forms, and community outreach in art and exhibition-making. As an open platform for diverse curatorial and artistic perspectives, Critical Distance engages and informs audiences from all walks of life through our kid- and adult-friendly exhibitions, publications, and educational programming.


Media Creating a False Picture

Folks, I’ve been “mulling this over” for a few days, trying to totally understand what has really been happening over the past months and years up to January 6, and after.

What I’ve learned is you, me and everyone else have basically been lied to, and as such, what I’m about to write is going to &#[email protected]#s off” a few of you, but others will understand.

By the way, I should say that I have tried not to mix ‘politics’ with ‘appraising’ over the years I’ve been sending info out. But I’m “at the end of my rope” and am unable to stay silent.

The complicit media and other politicians in our Capitol have been fomenting at the mouth, in print, social media, and on TV, hoping you will believe an “insurrection” was suggested or demanded by our current President. That is absolutely not true.

Appraisers are trained to ferret out accurate information. As such, it is vital that one sees what was actually said during one of the largest rallies held in Washington DC on January 6. But of course, you won’t see photos in the media of the millions of people on the grounds stretching as far as the eye can see. And you probably won’t find his exact words, either.

All you have seen, and will continue to see in the media, is the mayhem perpetrated by a small minority of antagonists who actually had their actions well planned way in advance of the 6th. Just as they’ve done in other cities around the US. These people were not ‘supporters’ of the President. They were ‘false flag wavers’ wearing “the colors.” They were people hell bent on causing mayhem, and making it look like the ‘supporters’ were to blame.

Was it wrong? Absolutely. Should the people who violated laws and invaded the capitol be brought to justice. Yes again. I don’t condone this activity at all. Even those real ‘supporters’ who stormed the facilities. But someone needs to convince me why the same kind of miscreants who have decimated and destroyed Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and other cities have not also been condemned and brought to justice, by the very same people who decry the activity on the 6th. Theirs is hypocritical behavior, which needs full exposure.

So what was actually said at that rally on the 6th? Here’s the link to the transcript of the speech.

I’ll save you the trouble of finding the two passages where ‘walking to the capital’ were mentioned. Here’s number one, just over ¼ of the way into the speech:

“Now it is up to Congress to confront this egregious assault on our democracy. After this, we’re going to walk down and I’ll be there with you. We’re going to walk down. We’re going to walk down any one you want, but I think right here. We’re going walk down to the Capitol, and we’re going to cheer on our brave senators, and congressmen and women. We’re probably not going to be cheering so much for some of them because you’ll never take back our country with weakness. You have to show strength, and you have to be strong.

That doesn’t say anything about storming the capital buildings, as was done by people who did that on purpose, mostly not ‘supporters’ of President Trump. But the media and others have twisted what was said to hope you will believe that it was an “incitement of violence”, the words that a Twitter spokesman used to describe why the President’s Twitter account was banished from their platform. Twitter is afraid about that.

By the way, suppressing contrary speech and thought is a tactic of communists.

The second and last passage from the speech, at the end, was this:

So we’re going to, we’re going to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue, I love Pennsylvania Avenue, and we’re going to the Capitol and we’re going to try and give… The Democrats are hopeless. They’re never voting for anything, not even one vote. But we’re going to try and give our Republicans, the weak ones, because the strong ones don’t need any of our help, we’re going to try and give them the kind of pride and boldness that they need to take back our country.

Donald Trump: (01:13:19)
So let’s walk down Pennsylvania Avenue. I want to thank you all. God bless you and God bless America. Thank you all for being here, this is incredible. Thank you very much. Thank you.”

In those comments, there is no mention of what Pelosi is belligerently suggesting.

It’s a shame what’s happened through all this. A man who loves this country and has worked diligently to protect us has been attacked and vilified. But, to the chagrin of those against him, has persevered.

We as a country have never been so divided, divisive, delusional, and distraught than the past 4.5 years. Remember, the attacks actually began before Mr. Trump was actually elected. Schemes to oust him were devised, and all failed.

Now, we are about to have an orderly transfer of power, as stated by Trump. Based on an election that had numerous irregularities. But it is what it is.

The incoming President has stated a goal is to “unite the country.” Well, show some fortitude Mr. Biden and work to make that happen… immediately. Otherwise, it’ll be just another hypocritical and so common position taken by those whose real goal is totalitarianism of the American public and spirit.

AGA, MNAA, Accredited Green Appraiser - Licensed in WA State since 2003. Dave Towne on

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Biden Calls Out Racial Bias Among Appraisers

by Dave Towne · Published November 11, 2020 · Last modified June 9, 2021

Biden Claims on Racial Bias in Appraisals

by VaCAP Board · Published March 6, 2020 · Last modified October 20, 2020

Our Job Is to Observe & Report

by Guest Author · Published January 21, 2021 · Last modified June 9, 2021

165 Responses

This site is intended for appraisal news.

I am a certified residential appraiser with an SRA designation and this blog is incredibly misleading and disingenuous. USPAP requires appraisers to be honest and have no bias. The President has used inflammatory language for years, has specific tweets stating January 6 was going to be “wild,” and has stated you have to “fight for your country.” When the President repeats an election is rigged and unfair for months (despite no actual evidence), people are going to listen and absorb that message and (as you saw last week), act on it. As any appraiser can tell you…words and rhetoric matter. The President actively incited a riot (multiple deaths) in our nation’s Capitol and should be held accountable.

Under USPAP, appraisers are held to high standards of professional behavior…the President should as well.

You can twist the words anyway you please but he did not incite violence. So when Nancy P says” I don’t know why they aren’t uprisings all over the country, maybe they will be” Commie Kamala says “Protesters should not let up” as they are burning and looting business, or Maxime Waters saying “If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant , in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and create a crowd and you push back on them, you tell them they are not welcome anymore, anywhere” I guess that’s ok? You are delusional. IT is the liberal left that has been burning cities and looting for the last 12+ months. And has “no actual evidence”, one must be blind to not see the massive voter fraud that took place in the Presidential election. There are over 1000 signed affidavits by people who witnessed voter fraud and intimidation. Not to mention videos and other FACTS! You, and people like you, are the problem with our country. You do exactly what you blame others of. Typical actions right out of Saul Alinsky “Rules for Radicals”. Open your eyes and stop being spoon fed by the mainstream media!

We live in a country of law and order and the Trump administration had over sixty attempts in various courts across this country to present actual, substantial evidence and they failed. Gossip, speculation, and rumors are not evidence. I am a hardworking appraiser who loves his job…please do not lump me into “radical leftist.”

Is it too much to ask to keep this site and forum for appraisal news and information only? I have read so many great articles and pieces on here that have benefitted me and made me a much better appraiser and I am deeply grateful for that.

Ron, your correct analysis is spot-on accurate. People should also know that uncle touchy Joe Has already publicly declared war on real estate appraisers in both a speech and to the press.

This from a man who can’t string one sentence long, but yet he’s able to accuse “the real estate appraisal industry as being ramp it with racism.” His dementia is staggeringly scary for a man some think will end up in the oval office. Be advised snowflakes of the world, it is not January 20, 2021, yet.

I agree with you entirely. We have a real estate industry supporting President right now. The reasoning behind this backlash fortifies their efforts to systematically destroy private property rights. Just like public schools that have diminished parental rights, this would do the same. Please see the proposed legislature that if adopted, would essentially allow property rights to be in the hands of the state who would control the lending industry (i.e. underwriters) and that means appraisers for the most part.

Biden will not live long enough to see the results of the catastrophic policies he is advocating. But those young enough who are first time homeowners and who are struggling right now, will. Let’s hope we don’t see the day the government deducts our mortgage/interest from yearly income tax returns because they are now our lien holders.

Oh Van! Grow a pair and act like a man! This is a national issue which affects every business including the Appraisal business. Trump was the best President this country had since Washington, Lincoln and Regan! Trump exposed the scumbag media and evil democrats for what they are! You are so offended by Trumps language but ignore the evil behavior of the democrats? The people who stormed the white house were paid members of Antifa. Video evidence proves it! The democrat mayor of DC would not allow police back up. The Trump supporters who did get in were like 70 year old grand mothers who picked up trash. Watch the real videos! If the democrats did not steal the election why is there so much overwhelming evidence of fraud? How did 200,000 extra people vote in PA? Look at the fraud in Nevada! All the fraud in Georgia! No evidence of fraud in any Republican states? Why did the democrats block any hearing on the election fraud? Let the people see the evidence! It is a sad world where we would most likely be able to share a beer and have a laugh but now the media has gotten to you! A real man would never be offended by strong language especially if it is directed at pure evil!

This is an appraisal site. We have courts in this country that had an opportunity to review any evidence of fraud and the Trump administration presented no credible evidence in multiple states and in multiple courtrooms.

Oh Van! Once again you have should us you are a racist who clearly hate whites and a President who had this country winning until the Democrats paid for the release of covid. If you are able to ignore the fact the democrats have been cheering on riots, murder, theft and destruction on America please do the country a favor and check out! Trump won the election and we all know the democrats committed mass fraud! People like you have been brain washed by the libscum media! Please seek mental heath!

Honest question…do you think those judges who ruled against the Trump campaign re election disputes (in virtually every case) are members of the “deep state?” Many of the judges were GOP appointees.

Baggins says:

You can watch most of the judicial presentations yourself, as well as the state discoveries and inquiries, in the NTD News ytb link provided. It appears to the laymen they deferred rather than ruled. The data coming forth from syndicated news is often an interpretation of another interpretation. That’s what leaves room for spin, turning to an interpretive inquiry of the source, rather than the actual source itself. (Don’t get me started on RESO’s interpretive reinterpretations without mention of the original data sources but rather only highlighting members of research workgroups.) The question should be posed with more specific framing based on specifics rather than generalizations. Generally your question is unanswerable because your premise appears to be framing any question of the deferral as an admission of conspiracy theory. Try again. Perhaps in an uncensored environment of more freely shared information, people may reconsider the no evidence premise as being an indisputable absolute position.

I disagree completely. This is the most pertinent thing affecting real estate across the country right now. I don’t understand why you are not supporting the president of United States. The pretender has already made statements publicly and to the press that “racism is rampant within the appraisal industry“. I’m sorry?! Where would he get some sort of information like this? The same place as the information above, The fake stream media.

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that you are new to appraising, you specialize in trailers, or you don’t have a degree in real estate, much less a certified general designation? There are a handful of commodities that affect our economy as a whole, real estate is pretty high up there Bub.Thank you @DaveTowne. @VanPatton, you should probably sit down and pay attention. You can likely learn something from Mr. Towne.

I have an SRA designation, thank you for inquiring.

Retired Appraiser says:

I predicted in many online chats that January 6th, would be a day to remember much like 9/11 and Pearl Harbor Day. Little did I realize how far our foul mouthed President would go however. In fact I went so far as to give it a name: “Cluster’s Last Stand” (yes Cluster). January 20th can not arrive soon enough. I now predict the complete collapse of Trump’s business empire. His primary bank has dumped him, businesses that pay to use his name are fleeing like rats on a sinking ship, and the PGA just pulled out of a major tournament at one of his Scotland courses. This is just the beginning. If you’re looking for a deal of a golf course or a piece of real estate save your pennies. Everything will be on sale soon for 75% off.

Perhaps 74 million Trump voters will have something to say about that (most are not going away). As it relates to his business interests, I could see Trump TV / media being worth way more than his real estate empire. Time will tell, but no mater what side of the isle your on, the movement is not going away (left or right).

Retired Appraiser says:

Trump’s media empire will have to consist of a network of smoke signal stations. As soon as he begins to spread lies, misinformation, and hatred the FCC will shut him down. If he chooses to use satellite radio to evade regulations that industry will quickly become regulated as well. Democracy itself is at stake.

Baggins says:

Hey Retired, I did not know you are a Sinclair broadcasting watcher! I can tell by the parroted prescripted news media lines you have adopted, and are currently repeating. The almost identical videos which came before this, of the ‘other side’ doing the exact same thing among their own distributors, have been struck, censored, and removed. An illuminating example how targeted broadcasting really functions. Syndicated media provided by the same limited set of big corps, occupy 95% of all airspace through multiple digital mediums and a neverending sequence of shell and spin off companies. They all follow a similar model, aka mockingbird media. Regardless of political leaning, syndicated news consumers may be consuming something they may not have a complete comprehension regarding.

You would in fact be better informed by sending smoke signals, than trusting big corporate media companies to convey unbiased honest accurate information to the viewers.

You are technically right. President Trump did not say “Storm The Capital”. But is technically right, the best kind of right? As an appraiser implicit bias is just as egregious as blatant bias. On an unrelated note, I don’t know of any evidence that Osama Bin Laden specifically told his followers to fly planes into buildings. Would you like to defend anyone else with your reasoning? I strongly believe that we should seek unity as a country. With no evidence of consequence there was an explicit effort to deny a legitimate election. How would you feel if I were to punch you in the face then say “Ok that is enough with the violence, lets just get along now. We are America, we always get together. However, a debt is a debt, once they are settled we can put this behind us.

calm down – don’t you have a foundation slab you need to tend to?

AppraiserBlogs please remove Mr Townes post as it has nothing to do with the appraisal profession.

DO not advocate censorship it’s bad form not to mention unlawful.

Retired Appraiser says:

Censorship was necessary over the past week in order to protect lives and property. Nut jobs were using the net to organize and destroy. What else would you suggest? Hog tying TheRump and forcing him to admit he lied about election fraud with an electronic cattle prod?

Baggins says:

Selective censorship will turn right around to you once the ‘other’ voices are silenced. Do not presume that calls for censorship are any less destructive than physical acts. Free speech has protected and saved more lives than any individual human effort in history. The pen is mightier than the sword.

There are many appraisers on this board whom have openly advocated for discrimination based on political views. It’s never too late to write to the moderator and politely ask for an edit or removal of any given post. Appraisers should also be concerned with liability. One ponders how an appraiser could willingly discriminate against other appraisers based on politics, then somehow magically not discriminate in other circumstances with other people. Everyone is allowed to have their own voice and own political view.

Life, liberty, and property do not exist because men have made laws. On the contrary, it was the fact that life, liberty, and property existed beforehand that caused men to make laws in the first place. Bastiat

Retired Appraiser says:

I fully support censorship, prosecution, and execution when it comes to a nut job like Donald JackS Trump, his enablers and his sick administration. Let there be no doubt.

Baggins says:

Advocating for capitol punishment for supporting a political party you disagree with? You have clearly lost your mind.

Retired appraiser says:

Negligent homicide: 400000 counts. Case closed

Mike Ford, American Guild of Appraisers (AGA™) says:

Well certainly 12,000+ of those were Cuomo’s negligent homicides in nursing homes.

No one has ever done more to stop the spread and find a cure or vaccine for Covid than President Trump. No one. THAT is a fact.

No one has done more to slow the implementation of cures and treatments than the Democratic congressional house members along with their puppet Schumer …aside from the Chinese themselves.

You’re entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts David.

“Your honor, fraudulent appraisal value was necessary in order to prevent the following homeowners from destroying the public school system with their Trump supporting kids.”

The one that should be hog tied and thrown in a Gulag is you, you Neanderthal. Your comments are akin to proposing a much needed segregation mandate due to race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, sex, etc. that we don’t agree with. If we had rounded up all the supporters of BLM movement in an effort to squash BLM riots this summer, that would be fall right in line with your proposed Gestapo tactics. All evidence to date points to the fact that BIDEN and his crooked Soviet style cronies stole this election, in broad daylight. And because their constituents are suffering from such dire debilitating brain damage as you have displayed here, they are sure to get away with it. This is fat crook was just arrested in Texas today proving my point.

BRAVO Dave for having the brains and balls to call it like it is.

Figures “Mr Desktop” would support Townes’s delusional post.

You’re better off minding your own business.

Unsupported lies about my country is everybody’s business.

This is an appraisal blog intended for appraisal news. I love guitars but am not posting blog entries about guitars on here.

“Call it like it is” lol. As appraisers, we follow USPAP which requires us to be honest and produce work with no bias. So, lets call it like is then. The Trump administration had multiple opportunities (over 60) to produce evidence regarding fraud in our courts…and they did not. Gossip, speculation, and hearsay are not evidence.
The 2020 election happened and the incumbent lost (only the fourth time in American history), fair and square.

Baggins says:

It’s a good thing that guitar players and guitar manufacturers are not in charge of driving the appraisal industry policies, proposing radical reforms to long standing traditional valuation processes and principals, are not involved in currency manipulation or welfare distribution at others expense.

It is relieving to know I’m in a non political industry and non political position… “Oh wait, what’s this?!”

The FBI and facial recognition software have shown these hirsute thugs to be nothing more than common tRumplethinskinners, confused simple folk who have bought into the ‘Big Lie’ that a huge unprecedented force “stole” the election from the person who actually is fomenting the “Big Lie”. If they had been BLM protestors they would have been met with lethal force. And, I hope that is how they are met the next time they pull such a stupid stunt.

Please do not remove his post. He has the right to speak his mind. Which is fast becoming the problem in this country. People better wake up.

Did you have the same feeling while buildings were burnt down and business owners lost everything over the past 6-7months? I am wide awake. How about you?

Yes, burnt down due to incitements caused by Mr. Orangeface.

Uncorroborated and speculative move to strike.

ANYTHING posted and written by this guy is ALWAYS ignored. Anything he writes is not worth the time to read it. He simply needs to go away. My comment has zero to do with anyone’s politics.

Don’t use all caps, it shows a kind of instability that smacks of unmitigated prejudice. You don’t want to come off unhinged, do you?

In reflecting back to Dave’s posts, You are correct. Thanks for making me aware.

Dave Towne’s personal interpretation of the events of January 6 (and Trump’s actions preceding that day) are not acceptable for this forum. In fact, several of Dave Towne’s recent editorials are so wrong-headed and biased I’m wondering if I should unsubscribe….

No one’s making you stay. Facts matter and if you can’t handle the facts then leave.

Facts matter. And the Trump administration brought zero evidence to the nearly 60 court cases they attempted to litigate. Speculation, rumors, and hearsay are not evidence.

I agree 100% with Laurelle.

Mike Ford, American Guild of Appraisers (AGA™) says:

The nice thing about Dave’s post is that one can agree or disagree with them. I’ve always found him to be “pro’ appraiser.” Which I’m grateful for.

***This comment was edited by AppraisersBlogs Team. The below comment was edited to remove the profanity within.***

Publishing lies on this site have caused me to believe the founder and editor of this blog is an ****. Following trump into the hole he dug for himself is just stupid. The inability to recognize what the truth is, is a fault of those who are under some spell of trump. He has always been a liar and always will be. He will not accept any responsibility for his actions to cause the violent insurrection that occurred on January 6th. For those who follow normal media, instead of the lying fox news and those who believe rush limbaugh and all those republicans who support trump have been easily led.

As a group of appraisers, I know that if I ever see and review an appraisal report done by towne or the founder of this group, I will examine it for false statements, and I will turn it into the state where they practice. Not only do we need to weed out the false media like fox and limbaugh, but we need to deny any connection with the QAnon conspiracy theories, but we need to weed out appraisers who can’t tell the difference between truth and lies. What possible benefit is there for your to cling to trump? He is already neutered, now that he has his twitter account closed permanently, but he is hiding in the white house giving **** like you the presidential freedom medals, like jim jordan. I am totally disgusted with this group and just had to shame you **** because you are totally wrong, and I guarantee you when we get this straightened out, if any of you riot, I will applaud your arrest and conviction. Go ahead and carry water for a despicable man who has tried to steal another election. He never had any experience in government and has made a huge mess for us to clean up. Additionally, he set a bad example for citizens like you who have a responsibility to seek truth in your work. As far as I can see, you are ethically bankrupt, and I want you to take my name and email off your list because I don’t want to get your emails ever again. F*** YOU AND THE GROUP YOU HAD DEVOLVE INTO A POLITICAL MOUTHPIECE FOR A MONEY LAUNDERER! I guess you just don’t understand what honesty and ethics are because you are **** for a pervert who thinks women are sex objects. The men in this group especially ford and baggins have continued to defend a man who has stolen money from our government by steering business to his hotel which is occupied by foreign lobbyists, and anyone who can give money to this greedy man. Are you so **** you don’t even understand what our government is supposed to do?? We must impeach this president, and then we need to clean up the citizenry, and believe me, I have taken the names of all of you and I will be watching for any reviews that come my way where you have appraised real estate. You deserve to lose your license as you are obviously biased. I guess signing a certification saying you are not biased is just a perfunctory step, denying your obligation to be truthful. I have been disgusted with ford and baggins for months, while I tried to give guidance and sound advice to members of this group that are trying to practice in an environment where we are surrounded by lies. I’ve never met such a group of appraisers that were more gullible. You have no grounds for your biases against democrats, nor do you have any ability to do your job. This organization was born because ford was sued he told me he paid $140,000 in legal fees to defend himself, then he tried to sell us on joining a union that is now defending the most immoral man in our country. Go ahead and sue me for slander because you won’t get anywhere because you are nothing but liars, cheats and can’t tell the difference between the truth and lies. Keep defending trump, and I guarantee your family members who see you for who you actually are will resent the stand you took and distance from you. All kinds of friendships and family relationships have been lost due to the divisiveness of trump, and you will be sorry for kissing trumps ass because it will not get you anything but rejection. Wake up you **** and stop making this blog a political vehicle for the losers. Your true colors have been shown and professional people are disengaging from this blog because you people are twisted. You buried yourself, just like the fool who occupies out white house for a few more days, unless we can invoke the 25th amendment, and while he will be impeached a second time. The only reason we have to do it twice is because **** republicans who were married to trump, like you people, couldn’t go against him because they know he is a mob boss and can eliminate them anytime he calls out his thugs. Decide for yourself, are you going to be a thug appraiser or an honest one, it is black and white and the only reason anyone defends trump is because they are white supremacists. That is a form of mental illness, and it is rampant today. I despise people like you and regret I ever participated in this side show, put on to vindicate ford who is nothing but a loser.

Until and unless your anxiety/depression meds are titrated correctly to avoid any more hallucinations, feelings of despair, threats against person (s) or property, writing in all CAPS to display cognitive disturbance, lack of mental acuity or lapse in judgement, please do not post further. Log out of all social media and call 911 for immediate medical assistance. We apologize for longer than normal wait times. Please stay on the line as your call is important to us and your mental stability even more to your community’s public health.

Baggins says:

Sonnicant YTB-416 - History

I had never seen anything like it: sapphire blue parasols, dozens of them, studded along the shore like little gems, twinkling in alabaster sand, stretching on forever. Beneath each parasol was a chair, contorted every which way, and filthy from the sandy debris deposited by their previous occupants. I paid my €15 toll to a young, shirtless man, claimed a spot with unobstructed access to the water, and began unpacking my wares for the day’s activities, scanning the faces and bodies on the beach, taking it all in. So this was a lido.

Innocuously derived from the Latin word for “seashore,” the lido is best described as a private beach club, accounting for a multi-billion euro industry, with the ones in Sicily serving well-to-do Italians flocking from the mainland in August and fewer initiated tourists like myself throughout the remainder of the year. I had come to Sicily on a pilgrimage, to see the island as the hero Odysseus had, to lay my own eyes upon Scylla and Charybdis, the sea monsters who once perched on the Strait of Messina, the Isole dei Ciclopi, home to Poseidon’s son Polyphemus and his fellow one-eyed horde, and maybe even catch a squinted glimpse of the nymph Calypso’s Maltese home, just beyond the southern coast.¹ I discovered lidos through my travel research, which consisted mostly of Google image searches and poring over Tripadvisor forums, all promising an experience unlike any I’ve ever known with drone captured photos of desolate beaches, sanitized of people, the desire for solitude burrowing deep into my mind. Neither the forums nor photos warned of Italy’s politics and their bearing on the Sicilian beach, that the lido would become a crucible for examining the country’s anti-Black and anti-migrant ideologies, and that my own internal sense of Blackness would shift, ever so slightly, as I reclined on those shores.

That summer, my ceaseless bus boarding and train catching along the Ionian coast was punctuated by hostel check-ins, piazza strolls, trattoria meals, and many visits to local lidos. I cared little for churches and quickly grew tired of ruins, so I went to the water, often. I went for the waves and the sunshine, but stayed because it was one of the only public places where I felt safe, even as I lounged half naked, without a cellphone, surrounded by hundreds of strangers. In the piazze I worked hard to avoid the perverse stares of shopkeepers, rolled my eyes when my requests for tavolo per uno were met with leers, and always remembered my personal calculation of one Aperol spritz or two glasses of wine as the safest amount to drink while out dining alone. Often, if I made the mistake of locking eyes with someone, I would be crudely asked “refugee?,”the answer to which they certainly already knew, but still sought confirmation.

These refugees, whose collective identity was always summarized through legal taxonomy, were mostly from South Asia or North and West African countries like Tunisia and Senegal, many of them with skin a varying shade of mine, though not all of them Black. Their arrivals to Sicily’s shores over the past century are documented through interchangeable headlines like, “Scores of migrants land on beach”² and “Migrants dock in Sicily after 40 days at sea,”³ and paired with dystopic images of Zumba dancers, their hips gyrating as a tanker approaches.⁴ I both witnessed and participated in this beachside dispassion, as all lido visitors are required to do, lolling in their bathing suits while interacting, through slight or exploit, with migrants selling goods such as necklaces and blankets, or services such as hair braiding and massage, earning as little as €5 for hours of effort under the blazing sun.⁵ While Italians, for the most part, ignored lido vendors, I could not look away and desperately, unsuccessfully tried to make contact. I wanted to share that look, that curled lip, that raised eyebrow that acknowledges the absurdity and subjection of this sandy place between sea and city.

Not long after I boarded a plane in Trapani and made my way back to Toronto, Operation Safe Beaches was launched throughout Sicily, intended to crack down on criminal activity allegedly plaguing the lido, like tax evasion and theft.⁶ In reality the program sought to lessen the nuisance of poverty and marginalization, in order to safeguard the right of leisure to moneyed Italians and wealthier tourists. “We will make sure that Italians can spend a quiet week under the beach umbrella, after having worked a whole year, without having a vu cumprà (‘wanna buy’) annoy them,” said Matteo Salvini, Italy’s far-right, anti-migrant politician who introduced the program. Although ousted from his position as Interior Minister shortly after making that statement (though, Operation Safe Beaches remains), Salvini has since taken his campaign trail to the very same Sicilian shores he endeavoured to scour of migrants, hosting many a rally bare chested, spritz in hand, posing for selfies with his tongue out like Hot Girl Meg.⁷ An unusual stage to garner political favour, Salvini says he “[chooses] the beaches and not places of work or hardship because during the summer nobody wants to see images of suffering.”⁸

As Salvini and his nationalist, xenophobic party Lega continue to rise in popularity throughout the country, a humanitarian crisis steeped in anti-Black racism continues to churn throughout Sicily, spilling out onto the beach. Young African migrants, in particular, are constrained on all sides, from the moment they embark upon the journey to Italian shores their need and vulnerability are severe. Once they arrive they are condemned to menial, exploitative labour, and are met with a national resistance to a multiethnic, intercultural reality.⁹ African migrants are often prohibited from renting rooms in cities and towns, ordered by law and force to remain “out of public sight,”¹⁰ dwelling instead in abandoned factories or otherwise dilapidated buildings. “It’s not that we want this work, walking up and down the beach every day,”¹¹ but there are few options available to those who are socially, judicially, and economically stifled by the whims of Italian politics, markets, and law.

Before I arrived, my understanding of Sicily and its inhabitants was ambivalent, equally shaped by the Odyssey, readings of which allowed me to map the marvelous and supernatural onto an accessible geography, and by the ways in which Sicilians on screen and in popular culture stealthily tried on Blackness for size, like a mask or a change of clothes. I knew that Sicilians, historically, had been considered “racially inferior” to Italians living in the Northern parts of the country, owing to their geographic and cultural proximity to Africa, and as Sicilians began to immigrate to antebellum North America in the nineteenth century, these racist ideologies flourished with extreme ease alongside anti-Blackness.¹² This thread of racial adjacency was picked up in films I adored and watched repeatedly, like A Bronx Tale, written by Sicilian native Chazz Palminteri and directed by Robert De Niro, a bildungsroman brimming with tension and intimacy between Italian Americans and Black Americans, epitomized through protagonists Calogero and Jane and their respective warring families–an uptown Romeo and Juliet.¹³ Then there is John Cassavetes’ Shadows, a film which put American independent cinema on the international map, and depicts two weeks in the lives of three Black siblings living in New York City. In the film, tension arises because only one of the siblings, Hugh, is dark skinned, and in reality, he is also the only one who is Black among the film’s leading cast.¹⁴ The film’s female lead is Lelia Goldoni, a Sicilian playing a Black woman who passes for white, a revelation met with disgust by one of her white suitors. Shadows, it has been said, turned the “concept of race upside down,”representing it “as a total illusion.”¹⁵ If Blackness could become an ethnological sleight of hand, a dazzling gimmick for Goldoni to perform in Shadows, then on the other side of that trick mirror, across the Atlantic and on the shores of Sicily, lies the unmistakable dispossession and deprivation of Black and migrant lives, a garbled reflection of the very national panic roused by Sicilians’ arrival to America centuries earlier.

Duped as I was by images and cinema, that recurring interrogative–”refugee?,” became a sort of siren song, betraying a deep seated suspicion of me and my Blackness, and through its asking, as was its intention, I was reminded that these pleasures the island offered were not for my enjoyment. Even as I was subsumed under a kind of (anti) Blackness I didn’t anticipate or immediately recognize myself inside, the shameful reality was that at least I had a return ticket, money in my bank account, and a passport that granted me a myriad of privileges beyond this day on the beach. Alongside recent arrivals, millions of Italians, the children of African immigrants, born and raised in Italy, are denied citizenship, rights, and protection under the law.¹⁶ Even the most hallowed of Italy’s celebrity class–footballers–if they are Black, like Sicily’s own Mario Balotelli, routinely endure banana peels thrown at them on the pitch¹⁷ and chants of “there are no Black Italians” from spectators in the stands.¹⁸ This is what I turn over in my mind as I lay on the beach, beneath my very own parasol, as the waves advance and retreat, vanish and reappear before me.

Yet, in the wake of my disillusion, that word, refugee, began to take on a new texture in placing it next to its cognate fugitive: one who wanders one who longs for freedom, movement and what Saidiya Hartman describes as waywardness: “the avid longing for a world not ruled by master, man, or the police.”¹⁹ The Odyssey’s opening lines tether our hero’s wanderings to his exploits during the Trojan war, arguably the most significant event of Greek mythological history: “Tell me, Muse, of that clever man, the one who wandered exhaustively, after he ravaged the mighty citadel of Troy.”²⁰ And Odysseus’ epithet, πολύτροπος, while often translated as ‘cunning’ and ‘wily,’ also means ‘much-wandering,’ interlacing notions of fugitivity and imagination, resourcefulness and errantry, illustrating that the one who strives to escape physical boundaries, does so psychologically, too. The sea, by its nature, integrates all that it separates–a boundary, a threshold, a portal. How many worshippers of Demeter and her daughter Persephone have dove beneath the water’s surface to prepare for the revelations of their mysteries? How many heroes did these waters usher to Hades, the realm of the dead, and Elysium, the residence of the gods? Innumerable are the ships that departed these very Sicilian shores, to do battle with neighboring lands, enslave their people, and return with spoils. Unknown are the slipstreams left by ships carrying human beings against their will, delivering others who boarded by choice to new lands, overflowing with hope, survival on their minds. Remaining cramped and hemmed in would not do–we needed the sea, the whole entire complete deep blue sea.

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